Can DingDao monitor the whereabouts of the entire day DingDing can track the whereabouts of employees

Ding Ding is a smart office software that should not exist. Many friends want to know if Ding Ding can monitor the movement of the whole day. Let's take a look together. Can Ding Diao monitor the whole day's whereabouts? It is indeed possible 1. After entering the sign-in page of the enterprise micro application, Ding Ding will automatically locate your location, and then click on the sign-in to enter the remarks page, where you can view the current time and current location You can also fill in notes and take photos. Of course, you can also sign in without filling in anything. 2. Then at the sign-in here, we can say something, that is, a note, of course, you can leave it blank. 3. Managers can directly check the team's check-in status and check-in history through the check-in page, and check the check-in location of team members. 4. Here the administrator can check the check-in positions of the team members. 5. If you feel that it is too much trouble for the staff to check in, you can let the employees directly locate in the Dingding group and explode the current position!