Common fault sources and technical treatment of water pumps

One. Vibration during operation
1. The pipeline support is unstable, and the looseness of the pump base or foundation bolts is a common cause of vibration. The bolts must be tightened to prevent loosening.
2. There is gas in the liquid. Carefully check whether the connecting bolts on the sealing surfaces of the water pump and the inlet pipe are loose, whether the gasket is damaged, and whether the pump body and piping system parts are damaged.
3. The pump is not concentric with the motor shaft and should be adjusted. When rotating with a belt, the rotating belt is too loose or the joint is not in good contact, which will also cause vibration. In the unbalanced operation of the pump impeller, the impeller wears or the flow path of the individual impeller is blocked, which is likely to cause vibration, and sometimes it is caused by the imbalance of the impeller of the shaft bender and the vibration is caused.
two. Increased noise during operation
1. Bearing noise: The sound source bearing installation part is generally held against the bearing installation part with an iron rod or a screwdriver and heard with ears, it is rattling.
Motor noise: Generally it is a howling noise, and the motor can only be replaced.
Cavitation noise: The sound source is in the pump cavity, crackling noise. three. Motor Hot Chinese Pump Technology Forum
The outer wall of the motor is hot and may run in overcurrent. You can close the small outlet valve and adjust it to operate within the rated current. It may also be a quality problem of the motor coil. You can only replace the motor.
2. There is friction on the rotating parts, and the friction resistance increases. The motor may be overheated due to overcurrent. Stop the machine and check whether the rotor is flexible.
The bearing of the motor is hot. It may be short of oil or damaged. You need to repair or replace the bearing.
The operating voltage is too low, check the circuit to adjust the voltage.