Cutting machine safety operation regulations

1. Matters needing attention during operation:
1.1 When setting the cutter, be sure to loosen the setting handwheel first, so that the setting lever contacts the cutting point control switch, otherwise the setting action cannot be generated when the cutter setting switch is turned ON.
1.2 When working, the cutter should be placed in the center of the upper plate as much as possible, so as not to cause unilateral wear of the machine and affect its life.
1.3 Replace the new cutter. If the height is not the same, set it again according to the setting method.
1.4 When cutting, please keep your hands away from the cutter or chopping board. It is strictly forbidden to use your hand to help the cutter to cut to avoid danger.
1.5 When the operator needs to leave the position temporarily, be sure to turn off the motor switch, so as not to damage the machine and others due to improper operation by others.
Injured. 1.6 Please avoid overloading to avoid damaging the machine and reducing the service life.
2. Attentions for cutting point adjustment: 2.1 After the setting of the die is completed, place the material to be cut on the rubber sheet, then place the die on the material, and then push the feed plate
Into the cutting area.
2.2 Press the cutting switch with both hands at the same time. At this time, the cutting pressure plate is lowered and pressurized to the knife mold.
Return to the position before starting and stop.
2.3 When punching the material, if it is found that the material is not completely cut, adjust the cutting depth controller and rotate the "pressure system" clockwise and counterclockwise; if the knife die is pressed too deep into the rubber plate, the "pressure system" is reversed Rotate in the clockwise direction, the longer the adjustment time, the deeper the cutting depth, try to adjust until the knife mold is slightly pressed into the rubber plate.
2.4 Pull the feeding board out of the cutting area, take out the cut material, and complete a punching process.