Gree air conditioning fault repair code Daquan

E1: compressor high pressure protection.
1. There is an obstacle in front of the condenser
2. The cooling starts when the outdoor ambient temperature is higher than 43 degrees
3, abnormal control circuit 4, high pressure pipe pressure over Ambassador high pressure switch action
E2: Freeze protection of the evaporator.
1. The indoor fan does not rotate or the air outlet is blocked.
2. The indoor ambient temperature is lower than 18 degrees.
3, the temperature of the tube is broken.
4. The temperature-sensing plug of the tube is not plugged in properly.
5. The control circuit is abnormal.
E3: Low pressure protection for compressor.
1. Insufficient refrigerant.
2. The expansion valve is half blocked, and the solenoid valve is faulty.
3, the filter is half blocked.
E4: compressor exhaust temperature is too high protection.
1. The system is blocked.
2. The compressor is aging.
3, external heat dissipation is not good.
E5: Overcurrent (low voltage protection).
Twenty-two, Gree air-conditioning repair and inspection methods,
不足 Insufficient cooling capacity under refrigeration conditions
1. There is cold wind but the room is not cold.
2. The room is too large or the doors and windows are open, please close the doors and windows.
3. There are too many people in the room or there is a heat source, please remove the heat source.
4 The outdoor unit is not well installed, and the heat dissipation is poor. For example, the sun and poor ventilation, please correct or reinstall.
5 The indoor unit is in a poor location and the air-conditioning cycle is poor. Please correct or reinstall. e. The filter is dirty, please clean it.
6. The system is clogged. Check the capillaries, filters, two devices, etc. Please repair or replace them.
7. The two devices are dirty, please clean them. Obstacles in and out of the wind, please clear them.
8. Excessive amount of refrigerant, please release appropriate amount of refrigerant.
9. The system is mixed with air, defluorinated, evacuated, and refilled.
10. The outdoor temperature is too high.
11. Check whether the high and low pressures are normal. If the low pressure is too high, there may be air in the system. If the low pressure is low, there may be refrigerant leakage and the system lacks fluorine.
12. If there is frost on the capillary, water may be mixed in the system, causing ice blocking, or it may be dirty.
13. The compressor itself is inefficient.
14. The outdoor ambient temperature is too high. Air conditioners have limited capabilities and cannot be cooled to the desired comfortable temperature.
15. The condenser has serious ash formation, poor ventilation, and poor heat dissipation effect, which reduces the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.
16. Air-conditioning installation location. The outdoor unit is exposed to the sun; the position of the indoor unit is too high, too low, and deflected, causing poor air-conditioning circulation.
17. The refrigeration cycle is blocked. When the capillary tube or the drying filter is blocked, the liquid refrigerant flowing into the evaporator is reduced, and the cooling capacity is reduced.