Guess who I am? Go through a WeChat avatar

I do n’t know if you still remember QQ ’s whispering and anonymous chat function. If you do n’t speculate, you can really get angry and transform. The advantage is that you wo n’t be caught talking blindly, especially the one who is often closed by Xiao Heiwu. I especially like this feature. But now most of the chat is on WeChat / group, I really can't talk nonsense. I got caught and killed me properly. However, it is not difficult to want a certain editor who wants to be tidy. This is not. After repeated experiments and demonstrations, WeChat's transparent strategy has been released fiercely, and the unscrupulous speech in the group Who is afraid of Who! Come, everyone enters "avatar" on our public account interface, and you will receive the picture push prepared by Xiaobian for everyone. When you receive the picture, be sure to click on "View Original" before downloading and saving to your phone. Be sure to click "View Original" first, and the screen display is pure black when viewing the original image is correct, otherwise it is invalid. Then go to WeChat personal information and click on the avatar to find the picture you just saved and set it as your avatar. Wait, don't choose to save right away, there is the most critical step in this, after selecting the picture, use the two fingers to enlarge the picture several times in the avatar edit box, then save and modify! Alas, after finishing it, wait a few minutes for the WeChat server to take effect and start talking to people. Coupled with the WeChat nickname has also become a blank method, properly let the other party do not know who you are, who is fooling it. By the way, this method can't be implemented on an Apple phone. You need to make an avatar on the Android phone first, and then log in to the Apple phone. In addition, before speaking, you should also test whether the other party has put your note on a specific name.