Is the 64GB iPhone full? Teach you to lose weight step by step

At the beginning of 2015, when I was still a student, I was vanquished and bought a 64GB iPhone6Plus. The "smooth" smooth system experience allowed me to enjoy the benefits of the flagship machine. At the same time, I also felt the common pain points of the fruit fans-the storage space was not enough, and the cache garbage was difficult to clear. Three years of use plus I love to take pictures. I have saved 8000+ photos and 600+ videos. The storage space is full. In this article, I found seven ways to solve the storage space of the next generation iPhone, which is the same as mine. Confused friends may wish to take a look. I. Generations of users can choose to upgrade the system to increase the storage space. I know how full the storage space of my mobile phone is, because I have stored 8000+ photos and 600+ videos, and I do n’t have the habit of upgrading the system. The system has been in iOS 8.1.2 since the phone was bought. It is well known that around April 2017, when Apple updated iOS 10.3, it eliminated the HFS + file system that has been used for many years, and adopted a new generation APFS file system. This file system can be intelligent. Helps you save storage space. For example, when using a version before iOS10, you took a photo of 10M size, you add a filter to the photo, press HFS + storage mode will be saved as two photos, occupying your 20M space; in iOS10 After .3, you add filters to your photos. The APFS file system only retains information about your filters. It also generates two pictures, which add up to 10.1M. Of course, in terms of data encryption security and file processing speed, the APFS file system also has revolutionary accomplishments. Well, having the APFS file system can make the storage space of the phone thinner, especially the storage space of the album. I decided to upgrade my Apple phone, which has been immutable for iOS 8.1.2. (I hope to upgrade smoothly, do n’t change bricks) Storage space of iOS 8.1.2 before the upgrade. First look at the storage situation of the phone before the upgrade. The used memory is 51.1GB, the available memory is 4.6GB, and the system memory is 8.3GB. Too much behind, and BUG during the download process, causing a lot of "white program" remnants to be stored in the storage space, which takes up a lot of storage space, let alone delete it. Presumably, old iPhone users have encountered downloaded applications Problems that cannot be deleted are indeed a headache. After the upgrade, the storage space of iOS11. Upgraded the system, the overall storage space was actually 3.9GB larger than before the upgrade. In theory, thanks to the file system changed from HFS + to APFS, the optimization ability has been further improved. Actual observation and comparison show that iOS will automatically update after the upgrade Clear the caches of applications that are not long used, such as "Health" and "Mobile Taobao". If you, like me, do n’t like upgrading the system, you can choose to upgrade the system for your storage space. Please note that it is safer to upgrade with a PC side for too long generations, and it is easy to make mistakes with mobile upgrade packages Condition. In addition, I also encountered the phenomenon that the phone changed cards after upgrading to iOS11. Of course, if you choose a smooth system or choose to expand the storage space without deleting files, you have to figure it out yourself. Second, delete low-frequency applications. Generally, iPhone applications are much larger than Android phones, mainly because the iPhone uses a sandbox mechanism. Each application is developed by Apple ’s own research and development code, and It cannot be modified arbitrarily by other users or applications. It is precisely because of this "barrier" that the storage space of the application itself also increases. Deleting apps that are used infrequently is also a good way to solve the lack of storage space. Third, make good use of cloud backup If you and I are a mobile phone party who likes to take pictures, too many photos occupy storage space, and do not want to delete, for iPhone users using cloud backup is a good choice. icloud 50GB storage is 6 yuan per month, 200GB storage is 21 yuan per month. For iPhone users, the cost is not too high. For users who are not wealthy, icloud does not have to pay monthly. You can use it as A "storage box" to use, even if it has expired, the data in iCloud can be downloaded at any time, but you can not do more data backup or storage. Fourth, the major application delete cache is different from the Android machine, the iPhone of the closed source system cannot clean up the garbage through the mobile phone's third-party application, and the system's built-in clear cache function cannot be used after upgrading to iOS11. Here you can choose to use your computer to download the "Sync Assistant" software. Sync Assistant to Clean Up Trash The software will associate iTunes data, even if you don't jailbreak, you can clear the trash with one click. Of course, there are many similar software to clean up junk, but you need to connect a computer to complete it.

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