Nut pro2s mobile phone screen recording method

Nut Pro2s mobile phone screen recording tutorial screen recording is a system application that comes with Hammer Nut Pro mobile phone, without downloading from any application market, you can use it directly after booting. In addition, Nut Pro's screen recording function also supports editing, as well as converting the recorded video to GIF animation format, which is very powerful. Before recording, first click to open the screen recording application on the desktop, click the screen recording icon, and you can see that the sidebar of the screen recording is located at the top of the phone window. At the same time, the screen recording function also supports front camera shooting. You can also set more settings for screen recording through the screen recording setting items, such as: whether to record sound, screen resolution, and display touch operation. After confirming that the settings are correct, you can start recording. I chose a very simple note deletion operation for demonstration. The user opens the note to be deleted, and then clicks the "×" button above to delete it. Screen recording video records this process. The recorded video is stored in the album, which can be viewed by opening the album. In addition to sharing and collecting already recorded videos, the system also provides the function of editing videos and converting videos to GIF format. Clicking the edit button will enter the edit page. The user can select the timeline at will and cut out unnecessary video parts. Click to generate GIF image will enter the generation page, the user can also select only a certain paragraph in the screen recording to generate an animated image, and can also choose the quality of the generated GIF image.