iPhone 6 phone screen half bright and half dark

【Model】iPhone 6

Fault phenomenon] The phone screen is half light and half dark, yin and yang screen
[Repair Process]
Customer an Apple 6, the fault description says it is not on. With an adjustable power supply, power on 30-60-100-120, the current is normal, careful observation of the motherboard, should not be repaired. Measure to show seat J2019, measure each foot to ground value, 26th foot 0l, infinity, and check further down. fl2037 broken wire, measuring resistance, the tip of the nib touched and fell off, the original is this inductor virtual solder, immediately re-soldered. XinZhiZuo software in the iPhone 6 point map, as follows.

And then power on the test, yin and yang screen.

Yin and Yang screen many are backlight circuit caused by burned-out backlight circuit components, generally as long as the circuit in the burned-out components for a solution.
Play display seat resistance, found 2 feet backlight circuit 1 broken line, will FL2025 inductor short, resistance value is normal.

Hit the display seat resistance value again, all normal, power on the machine test.

Start-up screen display is normal, test all kinds of normal functions, maintenance to this end.