Blackberry Restore factory settings

One thing to note at first: after the wipe, all messages, phonebook, settings, etc. on the phone will be wiped. So if you have important data, you must back it up first.
2. now start to erase, this step, with 4.2os and 4.5os is a little different. 4.5 system this One step more optimized, you can choose whether to delete the third-party software when erasing the 4.5 users.

About a few minutes later, bb re-entered the system. But everything was different.
All the factory settings. The English interface, and one or more messages from the carrier that will be added to most bb messages, but these can be left alone! Rational, huh?
Here’s a rough description of the steps to set it up: (It’s basically done in the options!!)
1. Language, set to Chinese.
2. date, time, this does not go into detail, basically the last time source, pay attention to close oh, but will steal traffic!
3. Security options, firewall, this personal experience is best to open. Oh
4. Advanced options, tcp, mobile user, fill in, cmwap or cmnet (this is recommended, but there is a small amount of software). (Only go wap traffic) Unicom users: uniwap.
Special Note: Unicom users, to use their own browser, or receive and send MMS words. Need to guide the legendary SB oh! Remember Remember Remember!!!!