Can’t stop playing with the iPhone XR’s silky smooth controls

Minutes burst memory, look at the iPhone XR’s cost performance, no 3Dtouch habits, portrait mode shot items not bokeh problems can be solved with focos, 2 times the screen has also been very delicate, 64g and 128 is only 4 0 0. to the hands of the surprise, okay!

It’s too silky to hold! The depth camera is really cool to watch the drama, the handset is also a speaker, stereo sound is cool, still exploring.

For the resolution I think it is very clear, before I also think that such a low resolution plus 6.1 inch screen display should be very **33, once went to the physical store to play to see this phone out of my expectations, did not expect to be able to do how good the display! It was intended that the SE used in the hands now to replace a battery and then fight for three years and so on to support 5G mobile phones, with a shake. Plus the double eleven discount activities will not hesitate to start haha. The system is relatively SE and feels more slippery. The face ID is really very convenient, for the summer hand is prone to sweat is really very convenient, no longer have to worry about the embarrassment of wet hand fingerprint identification, there is a useful function is when there is a push message in the lock screen if the phone can not scan the master’s face only shows a hint no content, when sweeping the master’s face will show prompt content, this is very praise. It’s a good idea for people who want to buy one to go to a store and get a feel for it before deciding.

I’m very happy with the battery life of the iPhone XR, it’s definitely the longest lasting iPhone. The front camera is much improved, the rear camera is not, and I don’t really care how good the camera is. It’s much smoother than my previous iPhone 6. Face ID is very easy to use, much more convenient than Touch ID, but it can fail to unlock. I started with the black model, which has a more understated and calm feel to it.

It feels pretty good, the first time I use the iPhone, the smoothness is good, I like it, not as bad as the online imagination, pretty good, I like it, the battery life is also very strong oh, that is, the black edge is a little bigger than x. Overall, it is good. I personally recommend playing games to choose xr like to take pictures and also feel good appearance to choose x, personal feeling ha!

iPhone 6 Plus playback sound display headphone mode

Faulty model]: iPhone 6 Plus

Fault】:Play sound display headphone mode

The customer description says that when playing sound, the display is headphone mode, no external playback.

[Failure Analysis].

Headset mode, that is, the system has been identified headset access, tail plug J1817’s headset insert detection signal HPHONE_TO_CODEC_DET_CONN abnormal, generally resulting in this phenomenon has tail plug audio IC will cause.

[repair process].

We first disassemble the machine, without buckling the tail plug, to see if it is still headphone mode, without buckling the tail plug, or the same headphone mode, it does not seem to be a tail plug problem.

Next, disassemble the machine, remove the motherboard, remove the U0900 audio IC and replace a new audio IC.

Installed test, external playback to restore normal, headphone mode lift, normal function, maintenance to the end of this. This fault is caused by audio IC damage is not inserted into the headset, playback external audio display headphone mode.

Weak WiFi signal on iPhone 6P

Machine model: iPhone 6P

Fault phenomenon: weak WiFi signal, sometimes no WiFi

Failure analysis: rule out antenna problems, remove the chip to see if it is a virtual solder.

Repair process.

The signal is weak, remove the chip to find the 45 pin drop point, this point is just the 2G signal input of WIFI.

Repair point fly line.

Solder on the chip, installed test function all normal, fault repair!

iPhone 7 phone water plug no 4G signal failure

Faulty model】:iPhone 7

Fault phenomenon: No 4G letter on water inserted card

The phone is in the water, the plug-in card has a 2G signal, no 4G signal.

[Failure Analysis].
The phone can be on 2G signal, not on 4G signal, indicating that the 4G signal part of the problem, the phone is water before this fault, then water parts in the 4G signal channel caused by.

[Repair process].

Mobile phone disassembled, take off the motherboard, microscope observation, observation is not out, remove the 4G amplifier chip.

Remove the TDDPA_RF 4G amplifier chip, measure the ground resistance of the pad, found that the 11 pin MLB_PA_VBATT to ground infinity, it seems to break the line.

View the circuit diagram, found that this voltage to TDDPA_RF, MLBPA_RF 2 chip, MLBPA_RF this chip is not installed.

This voltage is PP_PA_VBATT through R7113_RF resistor renamed MLB_PA_VBATT, microscope observation, found that R7113_RF resistor has been corroded.

Check the circuit diagram labeled as 0 ohm resistor, directly shorted it.

Put the chip back on, install the machine test.

[repair results].
Test 4G signal back to normal, water caused by 4G amplifier power supply is insufficient, caused by no 4G signal, to the end of this repair.

iPhone 6 Plus phone reboots automatically from time to time

Faulty model: iPhone 6 Plus

Fault description: automatic restart from time to time

Repair process.

According to the customer’s description, the machine is faulty for irregular automatic restart. Connected to the ammeter charging, found that the current is 0.05A, basically no current, is not charging.

At first, I thought it was USB and charge management chip problem, first disassemble the motherboard, and connect the USB management chip and charge management chip around. The capacitors, resistors hit the ground value, and found that the ground value are normal. Then measure the tail plug whether there is a 5V power supply output, 5V power supply is also normal.

Customers since the restoration of factory settings, the first brush in the boot test, boot, prompt does not support this accessory, and let me boot suspected Is not USB bad, test and online video and other functions are normal, no reboot. Pick up the machine first to open the screen a split second, suddenly reboot, is the battery holder contact bad? Quickly look under the microscope, scrape a bit of the test foot copper with a pair of tweezers, then load the battery and turn it on.

After an afternoon test, no reboot phenomenon found again, the fault is perfectly eliminated.

iPhone 6 phone screen half bright and half dark

【Model】iPhone 6

Fault phenomenon] The phone screen is half light and half dark, yin and yang screen
[Repair Process]
Customer an Apple 6, the fault description says it is not on. With an adjustable power supply, power on 30-60-100-120, the current is normal, careful observation of the motherboard, should not be repaired. Measure to show seat J2019, measure each foot to ground value, 26th foot 0l, infinity, and check further down. fl2037 broken wire, measuring resistance, the tip of the nib touched and fell off, the original is this inductor virtual solder, immediately re-soldered. XinZhiZuo software in the iPhone 6 point map, as follows.

And then power on the test, yin and yang screen.

Yin and Yang screen many are backlight circuit caused by burned-out backlight circuit components, generally as long as the circuit in the burned-out components for a solution.
Play display seat resistance, found 2 feet backlight circuit 1 broken line, will FL2025 inductor short, resistance value is normal.

Hit the display seat resistance value again, all normal, power on the machine test.

Start-up screen display is normal, test all kinds of normal functions, maintenance to this end.

iPhone 6p phone external no sound, headphones normal

Faulty model] iPhone 6p 64g

[Fault phenomenon]

Customer description said the phone external sound, insert headset normal, vibration and answer the phone are normal.

[Failure Analysis]

The boot test is indeed the same fault as described by the customer, because plugging in the headset normally represents the working condition of the phone big audio is already met. It could be a problem with the big audio chip and the audio amplifier or the I2S2 (the audio cable for the external amplifier). It could also be caused by the external pairing.

[Repair Process]

First troubleshoot the external match problem, the phone motherboard removed into our test machine rear shell assembly inside, boot test again found that the original fault. Now you can basically rule out the reasons for external distribution, the target directly aimed at the large audio IC disassembly chip, observe the pad with or without tin and drop point. All normal directly to the material board to remove a large audio IC tin mounted. And then this boot test found that the fault is still the same, now basically rule out the cause of the big audio IC. Disassemble the audio amplifier, measure the corresponding points, found 45_AP_TO_CODEC_XSP_I2S2_, and then remove the audio amplifier. BCLK (I2S2’s clock signal) is disconnected.

This point is only connected to the big audio, audio amplifier and CPU, dismantle the big audio to measure the corresponding point found resistance value is normal, directly from the big audio below to pull a first fly line to the audio amplifier to the corresponding point.

Directly mount the audio amplifier, power on the test.

Repair results]

Power on test, normal external playback, fault repair completed.

iPhone 6s Phone Moves Board Causes CPU Drop Point Repair

Model: iPhone 6s

Fault phenomenon: The CPU on the moving plate drops a little bit.

Moved the board, removed the CPU and found a spot dropped on top of the CPU.

[Repair process].

Look at the point map, the dropped point is on the I2C0_AP_SDA bus, scrape the over-hole point next to it on the microscope, tin it, find a line to scrape as thin as possible, blow the wind gun to blow the fly line on the tin, cure the green oil.

Plant tin.

Solder the lower layer, power on normal.

Install the upper layer, move the hard drive, baseband, code piece, brush through normally, move the board over!

12 Ways to Make iPhone 6 Power Last Longer

1. Pay attention to signal strength.

One of the main culprits for the rapid drain on your phone’s battery is constantly searching for weak signals, but there’s little we can do about it. If you’re in a place with a poor signal, consider switching to airplane mode for a while to keep your iPhone from constantly The search for weak signals.

Also, use Wi-Fi as much as you can, unstable cellular data will likewise be a bigger drain on your phone’s power.

2, close the useless notification center app

Many apps are constantly pushing messages in the notification center, do you really need them all? I don’t think most people are. Every app notification push consumes a little bit of power, so we have to cut it off at the source. Go to “Settings”, “Notification Center” to turn it off, and don’t forget to turn off sound alerts and icon markers.

3. Change display settings

The display is also a big power consumer, so you need to turn it off quickly when it’s not in use. Go to “Settings”, “General”, “Auto-lock” and adjust the auto-lock time to a shorter range.

In addition, we can also go to the settings of the wallpaper and brightness to turn off the “automatic brightness” adjustment, so that the screen is always in a darker The state can also save a lot of power. After all, we only need more brightness in direct sunlight, which does not always happen relatively.

4, deactivate the animation effect

You can likewise turn off the dynamic backgrounds and poor visuals and 3D effects if you’re not cool with them. They may look interesting, but they also consume more power. We can go to “Wallpaper and brightness” settings and select a still image as wallpaper, and in “General”, “Accessibility” Turn off animation effects.

5、Reduce the application background refresh.

People love to constantly switch back and forth between different apps, but did you know that too many apps running in the background is also very power hungry? You can go to the settings and turn off background refreshing for most apps. Especially apps like Facebook refresh in the background and are really especially power hungry. Reloading it every time you want to use it is a much more efficient way to save power.

6: Receive emails manually

Email first push is convenient for some people, but whether it’s turned on or not depends on how often you send and receive emails and the Strength. It would take a lot more power to have the system collect the mailing list in the background every five minutes than to manually refresh it yourself. Assuming that if you only need to look at your mailbox once every few hours, there’s no need to have the system automatically collect in the background Email. Hurry up and go to the settings to tweak it.

7: Turn off the location feature

Location tracking isn’t really useful unless you have to use location-based apps like Maps, which is also a very power-hungry feature.

Go to Settings, Privacy, and turn off location services, or keep the ones that require location, and disable the others. Turn it off. In addition, there are many built-in system functions in the “System Services” of “Location Services” that can be used to disable the location function, such as Location-based iAd ads, location-based alerts, and diagnostics and usage.

8. keep the environment cool.

High temperatures also have an impact on battery life, so don’t put your iPhone 6 in direct sunlight. Playing large games or watching online videos can also cause your phone’s battery to heat up, so it’s a good idea to stop and take a break to let the temperature drop before continuing. Bar.

9. turn off automatic updates

Generally, both application and system updates bring new features, but if you always update automatically, it can consume power at inopportune times.

Go to “Settings” to disable automatic updates for iOS, and “iTunes and App Store” to disable apps. Automatically downloading updates will also save power. Of course, don’t forget that even if you update by hand, you should choose an environment with Wi-Fi.

10: Turn off Siri.

If you don’t use Siri often, you can go to “Settings”, “General” to turn off Siri, so that when you accidentally touch the home button will not retrieve the start Siri.

11, turn off the vibration

You can choose to turn off the vibration in “Settings” and “Sound”, and turn off the vibration of new email alerts in “Mail” settings, which will really save a lot of power for you.

12、Turn off iCloud

Do I really always need to sync all my data through iCloud? Go into your iCloud settings and you’ll see how much data and power cloud syncing can consume. Of course, you can re-enable iCloud Sync backups with your phone connected to a charger, and it’s a good way to save important Data.