OPPO Reno 4 (8GB/128GB/Fullnet/5G Edition)

In the middle of June, OPPO launched the reno4 series of dual-mode 5G mobile phone, with the crystal diamond process design and the whole system with 65W operation circle a large wave of children’s fans, from the beginning of the sale to now, is still hot do not want, I had thought to buy a back to play, but the phone can also be used to think about did not buy, the results last week with a friend out drifting mobile phone into the water, I will. According to the netizens of the method to throw it into the rice jar, directly to the store to bring home the reno4, although the pro version looked a little better configuration, but I think the configuration of the reno4 has been enough for me to use, the main thing is more gluttonous that 65W charging power, so pro or not pro will not matter it. A friend told me that if it wasn’t because I felt a little bit of reno4’s chip pull crotch, or he would have changed, but I didn’t feel uncomfortable after using it, after all, it is a 5G chip, network speed is still guaranteed, to play games also didn’t feel there will be stuck and delayed phenomenon, so as long as not the kind of geek gamers, for most of us to use up is no problem. I have to boast of this 65W charging power, so I completely got rid of the bad habit of charging overnight, just need to use the time to get up in the morning to brush your teeth and wash your face to eat on it, full charge only takes about half an hour, so that users can always keep in the “full blood” state. It’s also possible to support bright screen fast charging, even if I’m playing games while charging the phone can also make the phone quickly back to life, and the phone will not appear charging hot, can easily solve my low battery anxiety. The phone is equipped with a large 4020 mAh battery, which is good for its own battery life, plus the 65W charging power is even better. Five minutes of charging can be recharged about 23%, easily enough to catch up for a few hours, such a powerful battery life who does not love it.

When buying a mobile phone has actually been able to accept its shortcomings, after all, there is no perfect mobile phone, even if there really is, I guess I can not afford to buy. Not only this phone, many mobile phones on the market have a short board is the waterproof ability is not good, like I have experienced this kind of mobile phone water, really hope to buy a waterproof function of the mobile phone, but either does not look good, or is beyond my budget, really let a person a little headache, I really hope that the future mobile phone can be fully equipped with this function.

Summing up.
The reno4 is a relatively thin and light phone, 7.8 mm thick body and 183 grams of weight in the hands completely no pressure, while the diamond frosted process both a good appearance and to ensure a good feel, a variety of colors are all good-looking, plus a body configuration, no wonder it has been so long can also sell so hot, this is what could have relied on the face, but to rely on the strength of ah.

OPPO Find X2 Pro (12GB/256GB/Full Access/5G Edition)

It’s rare to find a flagship with an all-around experience like the OPPO Find X2 Pro in the Android camp, with a screen quality, triple camera, and 65W super flash charge that can be called the number one experience at the moment, plus details like gaming experience, dual speakers, and X-axis motor, it’s hard to pick out the obvious shortcomings. It’s a good thing that you’ve waited for such a good 5G phone, you’ve really picked the right one.

And in the past few days of testing down, the screen is even more praised, especially in the process of playing games, more with energy, experienced 90HZ smoothness, now reuse 120HZ.

This level gap is very obvious, this configuration is simply the gospel of the hand game party ah, the game after starting more do not want to stop that kind. It’s also a good idea to use a new phone for the first day of playing Glory of Kings, so they’ll be able to find a new one. Therefore, I really recommend it to people who want to change their mobile phones, it’s really worth considering.

OPPO 6607 wire brush brick rescue, tutorial, driver, platform, simple, stable, pure, all at once.

[Fine] OPPO 6607 wire brush brick rescue, tutorial, driver, platform, simple, stable, pure, once.

Brush must see.
1, the data cable as far as possible in the back of the computer USB.
2, open the scrubbing platform, transfer data, and then the phone off state plug in the data cable (different chipset phone scrubbing mode is not the same specific method to enter the scrubbing mode, please carefully check the package inside the tutorial diagram).
3, if you have not installed the driver (there are drivers in the package), the first online will prompt the installation of the driver, after the installation is complete, and then shut down the phone and reconnect the phone once.
4, the progress bar after running, can not disconnect the phone and power, or the phone may become a brick.
5, after the first boot after brushing the phone need to update the system, wait 3 to 10 minutes.