iPhone 6 Plus playback sound display headphone mode

Faulty model]: iPhone 6 Plus

Fault】:Play sound display headphone mode

The customer description says that when playing sound, the display is headphone mode, no external playback.

[Failure Analysis].

Headset mode, that is, the system has been identified headset access, tail plug J1817’s headset insert detection signal HPHONE_TO_CODEC_DET_CONN abnormal, generally resulting in this phenomenon has tail plug audio IC will cause.

[repair process].

We first disassemble the machine, without buckling the tail plug, to see if it is still headphone mode, without buckling the tail plug, or the same headphone mode, it does not seem to be a tail plug problem.

Next, disassemble the machine, remove the motherboard, remove the U0900 audio IC and replace a new audio IC.

Installed test, external playback to restore normal, headphone mode lift, normal function, maintenance to the end of this. This fault is caused by audio IC damage is not inserted into the headset, playback external audio display headphone mode.

iPhone 6 Plus phone reboots automatically from time to time

Faulty model: iPhone 6 Plus

Fault description: automatic restart from time to time

Repair process.

According to the customer’s description, the machine is faulty for irregular automatic restart. Connected to the ammeter charging, found that the current is 0.05A, basically no current, is not charging.

At first, I thought it was USB and charge management chip problem, first disassemble the motherboard, and connect the USB management chip and charge management chip around. The capacitors, resistors hit the ground value, and found that the ground value are normal. Then measure the tail plug whether there is a 5V power supply output, 5V power supply is also normal.

Customers since the restoration of factory settings, the first brush in the boot test, boot, prompt does not support this accessory, and let me boot suspected Is not USB bad, test and online video and other functions are normal, no reboot. Pick up the machine first to open the screen a split second, suddenly reboot, is the battery holder contact bad? Quickly look under the microscope, scrape a bit of the test foot copper with a pair of tweezers, then load the battery and turn it on.

After an afternoon test, no reboot phenomenon found again, the fault is perfectly eliminated.