Samsung s7 G9350 Charging Circuit All Fault Solution

Samsung s7 G9350 Charging Circuit All Fault Solution

Fault phenomenon: 1, not charging
2. Power on doesn’t show charging. Power off shows charging but not charging.
3, Flash rush cannot be used
4, not charging but wireless charging works well
5, a few minutes of charging shows abnormal temperature or a yellow exclamation mark.
6, the phone overheats and restarts repeatedly while charging
Solution: 1, Check, clean, and re-solder the motherboard battery holder HDC7000.
2, plug in the charger and measure whether C4013 C4000 has 5~7v, if there is no voltage, you need to replace the tail plug. . Figures 2,3
3, re-solder or replace out U400.Figure 7
4, remove U7001, reset or replace. The component has glue and is close to the font, be sure to pay attention to the temperature and wind speed, pay attention to cover the surrounding original. The bottom of the component
Easy to drop points, most of them empty. Figures 5,6
5, Reset or replace the U7003.

iPhone 6s Phone Moves Board Causes CPU Drop Point Repair

Model: iPhone 6s

Fault phenomenon: The CPU on the moving plate drops a little bit.

Moved the board, removed the CPU and found a spot dropped on top of the CPU.

[Repair process].

Look at the point map, the dropped point is on the I2C0_AP_SDA bus, scrape the over-hole point next to it on the microscope, tin it, find a line to scrape as thin as possible, blow the wind gun to blow the fly line on the tin, cure the green oil.

Plant tin.

Solder the lower layer, power on normal.

Install the upper layer, move the hard drive, baseband, code piece, brush through normally, move the board over!