Blackberry brush tutorial and steps (Blackberry ROM brush tutorial) to blackberry7290 for example.

How do you brush your Blackberry? How to perform a BlackBerry swipe? With the following detailed tutorial on how to install blackberry you will be able to get a complete understanding of blackberry system installation.
Where can you get the Blackberry RIM installer for each model (blackberryROM)?
The following is an example of a BlackBerry 7290 ROM system installation.

Double-click to execute the blackberry ROM installation file

Choose your installation language, e.g. English, French, etc. Here you should choose Chinese.

blackberry 7290 Chinese System Installation Interface

BlackBerry 7290 installation interface

Select a black mould country or region

The blackberry 7290 license interface, please select Accept here to continue to the next step.

7290 refresh interface

BlackBerry 7290 system installation interface, after the installation is complete you should link your BlackBerry to your computer through the original data cable to carry out the brushing steps.
You can use the following tutorial to do the Chinese system refresh, it is convenient and you don’t need to start the desktop manager.

You can open into the following folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\\. Research In Motion\AppLoader

Open C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader folder, delete the VENDOR.XML file to remove or modify it. File Name.

After deleting or modifying the VENDOR.XML file, double-click to execute the Loader.exe file.

After executing the Loader.exe file, enter the Program Loader Wizard.

The PIN code of your blackberry will appear here.

blackberry system refresh interface

The application load selection screen is fine by default. You can also selectively install it according to your needs.

Proceed directly to the next step.
A detailed list of what needs to be brushed in, complete.

Blackberry Brush interface

Blackberry Chinese system refresh completion interface. Wait for your blackberry terminal to reboot after completion, usually takes (20 – 80 minutes)
The above brush tutorials and steps are blackberry 7290 for example, while other blackberry models (blackberry 72 series, 71 series, 8100 series, 8700 series, 8800 series, 8300/8310/8320 series).