What is the use of WeChat electronic ID? How to apply for WeChat ID Card?

Recently, WeChat has continued to move. This non-WeChat mini program has settled in a key function, which is the electronic ID card. So, how to use WeChat electronic ID and what can it do? Let's take a look together. Do n’t be afraid of losing your ID card, online voucher ID card is a very important thing, you can rely on it to buy train tickets, bus tickets, air tickets, you can use it to live in a hotel to rent a house, you can rely on it to send an express to the Internet bar, etc You need to use it for everything. Accidental loss or forgetting of ID will cause great trouble for residents who are traveling or traveling. Now that smartphones are so popular, I often think that if you have an electronic ID card, this is not new. On December 25, 2017, the Guangzhou Nansha Police just issued the nation's first online voucher for an ID card (referred to as the "net card"). The user performed it through an app called "Wei Police Authentication" or "Net Card CTID" WeChat Mini Program After successful registration verification, in the future, if you are staying in a hotel, sending a courier, or taking an airplane, you can do it by "swiping your phone + brushing your face". You do not need to show your original ID card. Figure 1 Resident ID Online Voucher (CTID) ● What is the use of WeChat ID Card? Just like an electronic wallet instead of a banknote, a WeChat ID card can replace a physical ID card, and has the same functions as a physical ID card. Users can use it to purchase train tickets, check in hotels and other vouchers. It is equivalent to having an AI policeman in the cloud, who can prove "I am me" anytime, anywhere. ● How to apply for WeChat ID card? WeChat → Discovery → Applet → Search → Certificate ID. After entering the "Certificate of ID", you must first register and fill in the relevant information according to the facts. Figure 2 Network ID CTID is followed by face recognition authentication, which requires its own operation and requires the user to read out the digital content during recognition. Figure 3 After the face recognition is authenticated, an online voucher can be obtained.

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