What to do if iPhone 16G has insufficient memory? The strongest cleanup method definitely makes you yell too practical!

I remember there were a lot of articles about "30 Things You Shouldn't Do in Life" on the Internet for a while. Although there will always be some differences in content, in Article 30, it is written without exception: Never To save money on a 16GB iPhone. To be honest, only apples knows how much fruit powder is crying. In fact, in the first two years, I am afraid that 16GB can still barely satisfy the use, but with the development of various applications in the past two years, 16GB iPhone users often encounter insufficient memory, so what is a good way to quickly clean up What about the memory? 1. Turn off the permanent storage of text messages. By default, the iPhone will permanently save all text messages that have been sent and received. However, in fact, social media tools such as WeChat and QQ are highly developed. Probably there is almost no practical value other than receiving express text messages, pay notifications, payment notices, so if you want a large enough space, then it is best to choose to close it. Method: [Settings]-[SMS]-[Information]-[Retain Information]-[Choose 30 days] 2. Optimize iPhone storage space If you often use iPhone to take photos, then you should know that there are two types of photo storage on iPhone: Optimize iPhone storage and download and keep originals. However, at this time, if you choose to optimize iPhone storage space, full-resolution photos and videos will automatically be replaced with optimized versions. Method: [Settings]-[Photos]-[Optimize iPhone Storage Space] 3. Clear History and Website Data If you often use iPhone's browser Safari for news browsing, then your iPhone must have saved a lot of web page history and To browse the data, you must know that these things that are discarded in a blink of an eye are very memory-intensive, so it is especially important to regularly clean up historical records and website records. Method: [Settings]-[Safari Browser]-[Clear History and Website Data] 4. Selectively delete applications and data. If you want more capacity, you need to delete some more solid content, which includes Apps, videos, photos, blogs and music on your phone. It should be noted that if there is no backup, these data can no longer be retrieved after being deleted. Method: [Settings]-[General]-[iPhone Storage]-[Select Application] 5. The strongest cleanup method is used by even Apple itself! The above four methods are all temporary solutions, but the fundamental method is to replace the Memory phone, once in place, save time and effort, after all, even Apple now only provide two versions of 64GB and 256GB, 16GB is indeed a bit behind.